The Cultivar // THE DNA OF OUR OIL

The term cultivar indicates the existing olive varieties
and denotes the morphological characteristics,
such as the tree, the leaf and the drupe, as well as the phenological ones,
determining the fundamental phases of the plant such as flowering and maturation.

We could say that the cultivar,
or the variety, of belonging, describes the DNA of the plant
and consequently the extra virgin that will be born from that fruit.
In Italy there are more than 500 varieties of olive cultivars,
protagonists of a heritage of taste to be protected and valued.

This is why our production of extra virgin olive oil is concentrated only on two cultivars.
The Coratina and the Ogliarola barese represent the icons of the Apulia region
and in particular of the area where the Ciccolella olive groves are located.
It is our task to divulge their historicity
and flavor, enhancing them with an excellent quality oil.

Giuseppe Ciccolella


The firm oil

Whether it is a medium or intense fruity, Coratina, a typical cultivar from Apulia and in particular from the land of Bari, gives strength and character to food.

The scent that emanates is that of green olive and fresh grass with strong hints of artichoke, borage and almond. Coratina is a firm oil. Its “strong” and “determined” character is given by the inimitable taste of freshly pressed olives, a well recognizable style given by the sharp and bitter but well-balanced notes.

The Coratina variety, is also known for the high number of polyphenols present compared to other varieties. These are very powerful antioxidants to give the spicy note typical of this oil.

Ogliarola Barese

Gently soft

Delicate and fine. Ogliarola barese is the typical cultivar of the central area of the province of Bari, it is cultivated on flat land.

The sweetly soft taste is characterized by a medium and light fruity which gives the food fullness and roundness of flavor.

Characterized by an aftertaste of almond with light tingling, from the Ogliarola barese comes a versatile extra virgin olive oil that gives sensations of aromatic herbs and spring scents to the nose.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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