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Cagnara is the extra virgin olive oil that boasts the designation DOP Terra di Bari-Bitonto and is the synthesis of the philosophy of Olio Ciccolella: high quality and enhancement of the territory. Cagnara is the extra virgin olive oil extracted from the Coratina variety, harvested from the farms of the Ciccolella farm during the last olive oil campaign. The privileged use of this variety allows to obtain an extremely fragrant oil with a surprising intense fruity taste.

Color: Intense green with shades of gold.
Aroma: Suggestions of fresh olives, as if they were just crushed, cut grass, hints of almond and artichoke.
Taste: The vegetable notes mingle with a pleasantly bitter and spicy impact. It surprises for the long and persistent finish.
Gastronomic indications: Ideal for strong dishes like cream of beans, salad with arugula, cream of pumpkin soup, bruschetta with homemade bread, burnt wheat orecchiette and vegetables, red meats, roasts and cheeses.

Available only in 500 ml glass bottle


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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