Superior quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil
from cultivar of Ogliarola Barese

  • Cold extracted and filtered at a temperature lower than 23 degrees
  • 100% Cultivar Ogliarola, from the most long-lived trees of the farm
  • Fruity with aftertaste of almond.
  • 100% Italian

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Extra VIrgin Oil

We only use the best olives, carefully harvested from ancient native olive cultivars, straight from our farms.

We produce the superior quality EVO Oil thanks to the most advanced extraction and preservation techniques.

Cold extracted and filtered

Cold extraction, by law, means keeping the temperature lower than 23 degrees.

We extract at 22-23 degrees,
thus our EVO Oil has a richer aroma and greater nutrients

Oliarola Barese

The Ogliarola is the typical cultivar of Bari and it produces a delicate oil.

Sweetly smooth taste with a medium and light fruity taste and an aftertaste of almond.


Superior Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil
100% Ogliarola Barese Cultivar

The pleasure of fruity

Elegant and delicate, Faresse is the delicate single monovarietal extra virgin olive oil obtained only from Ogliarola Barese olives.

Faresse stands out for its sweet taste, for the fragrances that remind of almond, banana and yellow apple.

Thanks to these peculiarities Faresse is the extra virgin olive oil ideal for cooking and seasoning red sauces, fish, fresh vegetables, grilled vegetables and salads.

Tasting NOTES

Faresse is extra virgin olive oil made with 100% Ogliarola cultivars harvested in Contrada Lago Faresse in Molfetta. The olives are harvested during the second half of October from plants which are about 100 years old.

Thanks to the typical characteristics of this variety, Faresse is distinguished by its fineness enriched by lively and rich herbaceous fragrances and by an almond note. Overall it is has delicate fruity taste with a precise fruit nose with banana and yellow apple tones.

To taste it reconfirms the sensations of yellow fruit expanded by a hint of lettuce and root, underlined by a light bitterness at first followed by an equally light spicy taste.


Fruttato: 4.5


Fluidità: 5.2


Piccante: 4


Amaro: 4.5


Carciofo: 2


Mandorla: 3


Erba/Foglia: 2,5

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No middleman
Buy directly from oil producers who are passionate about their product.


Discover how to combine Faresse

Its delicacy makes this extra virgin versatile in the kitchen. Specifically used raw enhances fish tartare, salads, pesto, red sauces, vinaigrettes, white meats, roasts, fresh vegetables, grilled vegetables.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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