100% from Coratina cultivar

  • Cold extracted at a temperature lower than 23 degrees, filtered
  • Olives carefully harvested from ancient trees.
  • Extremely rich in polyphenol
  • 100% Italian

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Extra Virgin Oil

We only use the best olives, carefully harvested from ancient native olive cultivars, straight from our groves.

We produce the superior quality EVO Oil thanks to the most advanced extraction and preservation techniques.

Cold extracted

Cold extraction, by law, means keeping the temperature lower than 27 degrees.

We extract at 22-23 degrees, thus our EVO Oil has a richer aroma and greater nutrients.

Coratina Oil

We're lucky to host in our groves one of the most beloved and most celebrated cultivar, the Coratina.

This variety has a very high percentage of polyphenol, this makes the Ciccolella Extra Virgin Oil "nutraceutical".


100% from cultivar Coratina

Intense Experience

Energetic, tantalizing and powerful on the palate. Coppadoro is the mono-varietal extra-virgin olive oil obtained only from Coratina variety olives. Coppadoro combines organoleptic and health qualities given by the high number of polyphenols present, which give it, especially when consumed raw, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power.

Coppadoro is an explosion of scents that refer to freshly cut grass and borage with hints of almond and artichoke. With a strong flavor, it is the extra oil perfect for raw vegetables, bruschetta with homemade bread and vegetable soups.

Tasting NOTES

Coppadoro is the extra virgin olive oil made only with Coratina cultivar olives harvested in Contrada Coppadoro in Molfetta during the second half of October from plants which are about 100 years old.

Of green color with yellowish reflections and golden hues, the extra virgin olive oil “Coppadoro” is an intense fruity with very pleasant aromas of borage and green vegetable.

Its taste is an original mix of vegetal notes and it’s completed by a long and persistent spicy that supports an equally important bitterness.

Fruttato: 5.6
Fluidità: 5.6
Piccante: 4.9
Amaro: 5.7
Carciofo: 3.2
Mandorla: 3.9
Erba/Foglia: 3.7

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No middleman
Buy directly from oil producers who are passionate about their product.


Discover how to match Coppadoro

The intense taste of Coppadoro makes it an ideal ingredient for dishes with a strong taste like bean cream, salad with rocket, pumpkin cream, bruschetta with homemade bread, orecchiette with burnt wheat and vegetables, red meats, roasts and aged cheeses.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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